BeSecure is a privately-owned company driven by 3 technically minded, market orientated entrepreneurs. The technology was started by the Founding partner, Francois Geldenhuys. With a rich career in wireless hardware and software design Francois set out to better life for stay-at-home retirees.

After a potentially avoidable tragedy impacted his wife’s aged friend, the idea was born and design started in 2012. After two years of R&D BeSecure joined forces with a South African based company, Impro Technologies to manufacture and sell the product line.

In 2015 BeSecure (Pty) Ltd took on full responsibility of the sales and marketing efforts of the product line and continues to grow in the healthcare sector while adding new market applications to the powerful wireless framework that has been designed. Today the business has dedicated products in the Retirement/Lifestyle Village, Formalised Communities and Home markets.

Francois Geldenhuys was President and Technical Director of Azisa South Africa which was later acquired by Flextronics International and became Flextronics Design. Flextronics Design was a R&D and outsourced design house and in his role as Technical Director Francois oversaw many software and hardware design projects in the telecoms, mobile handset and wireless market segments.

This extensive development experience has allowed him to personally design and direct the development of the BeSecure wireless and cloud framework to where it is today. Francois’s industry knowledge, network of skilled engineers and personal speed of development has allowed the BeSecure framework to grow rapidly and with stability at its core.

Francois is a shareholder and takes the role of Executive Founding Director. He oversees and personally contributes to all the R&D for the business in addition to his roles and responsibilities as an Executive Director.

Barry East was the Sales and Marketing Director for 7 years at Impro Technologies before joining BeSecure in 2015. Barry worked with Francois and Andy through the joint venture with Impro and saw the exceptional global market potential of the BeSecure solution. Through his 15 years in the access control and identification industry Barry has built significant experience in the light current electronics, software and identification industries. Barry was part of the core team that helped design the product roadmap for the Impro range of access control solutions and has the ability to translate market need into technology solutions.

Barry is a shareholder and takes the role of Managing Director.

Andy Minnaar was the Managing Director for Telecommunications Systems Inc. and before that the MD of Movius Interactive Corporation. More recently he was the co-owner and Director of a consulting business specialising in Africa growth strategies. Andy’s background is in the telecommunications and more specifically mobile communication in recent years. Andy was the catalyst that brought team together which ultimately allowed for the creation of the standalone BeSecure business.

Andy has a passion for sales and the technical experience in the wireless and internet communications space that makes him an industry and domain expert. Andy’s quiet authority and genuine desire to add value to the lives of retirees on a broad scale makes his dedication to the sales effort appear effortless.

Andy is a shareholder and Executive at BeSecure and he oversees all the sales efforts for the business.